Dealing With Hangover: Best And Worst Foods To Use

After a wild night of super hype and partying, it is time to address the consequences: hangover. This is one of the testimonial moments for most people who take alcohol. Getting out of bed alone becomes a nightmare. There are different ideas about this situation and how to save yourself from it. Some think of taking a cold pizza or some bacon sandwich that is greasy. Others think taking the party on with one more cup would unlock the feeling. While these are hypothetically useful, science has shown positive and negative ways of dealing with the hangover.

What you need to understand

Typical hangover symptoms should be kept on the check after the party. Common signs of the awful feeling include nausea, aching muscles, headache, fewer motor skills, diarrhea, and light sensitivity. These are all caused by a number of chemical fluctuations in the body. From the hormonal imbalances to the various chemical reactions as well as the toxic substances in alcohol, the body undergoes a number of changes that cause a hangover.

There are no conventional ways of handling the hangover. People have resulted into crafting their ways to curing hangover. No perfect drink or meal can combat a hangover. From different studies, the feeling can be handled by using different foods and drinks while others should be avoided completely. Always focus on certain fluids so as to rejuvenate the body once you have that pounding head the morning after the crazy night. Vitamins, fructose, amino acids, and various minerals that break down the body reactions and toxins should be used.

Foods to use when dealing with hangover

The following are some of the necessary fluids and foods to use during hangover:grh54657jutryfd

  • Water – this is a natural therapy process. Water should be the priority when you wake up. Being diuretic, alcohol dehydrates the body. This prevents the body from draining the organs such as the brain.
  • Sports drinks and coconut water – mild hangover may require some sugars. This restores the electrolyte level. Pedialyte can be used to provide more potassium and sodium minerals.
  • Fruit juice and pickle juice – apple or cranberry juice would help you in handling the hangover. Vitamins would hydrate the body while the sugars provide instant energy. Pickle juice contains salt, vinegar, and water to rehydrate the body while replenishing the electrolytes.
  • Coffee and tea – ginger or peppermint tea work to lower the symptoms of a hangover.
  • Bananas, leafy greens, and dates
  • Chicken noodle soup

Foods to avoid

Other foods work negatively towards the hangover. They include:gw3y55heth5

  • Greasy foods – contrary to the practice, greasy meals should be avoided when having a hangover.
  • Orange juice – this could irritate the sensitive stomach.